Find me on Etsy!

Attention! I’ve officially begun selling my items online on Etsy. Because my collection name, “The Thing With Feathers” was already taken, I changed the name of the collection to “The Fledgling Song”. It’s still based around Emily Dickinson’s poem, but more loosely now. I came across the word fledgling as I was researching different name alternatives, and this word spoke of risk to me. A fledgling is a bird that has left the nest, or fledged. It has taken a risk and moved out of its comfort zone, an analogy which perfectly suits the human condition. When we take the risk and move from the nest, we are left with the hope of our future. The song of the fledgling is a song of hope, a song that rings out and declares that life is worth living to those who have perhaps been through a lot of roughness. It cries out of dreams yet unrealized and has the power to bring adventure back into the most dreary of lives.

My etsy shop is located at so take a look! The shop is still in progress, but keep checking back, because items should be going up pretty regularly!


One thought on “Find me on Etsy!

  1. I’m glad you joined Etsy.
    Definitely the right place for your great handmade stuff.
    You’re really talented, you know..
    People are gonna love your things that are made with love.

    Handmade-art WINS!

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