DIY Fabric Triangle Banner

Hey everyone! I’ve never made a tutorial before. I think doing things you’ve never done before are essential to life. How else will you experience anything? So here it is, a very simple project, in fact, maybe it’s sort of a “duh anyone could do THAT” kind of project. But I guess that’s a good place to start. So without further ado…the DIY Fabric Triangle Banner!

So, these lovely (and EASY!) banners are great for any special occasion. I made these specifically for a friend’s bridal shower, but they’re so versatile that I saved them to pull out later. Maybe I’ll even just hang one on my wall for fun. I mean, they are pretty fun, who doesn’t love triangles? They seem to be pretty hip right now, anyway. So now, let’s get started.


Fabric (I used scraps from old projects)
Fabric Scissors
Yarn (or twine or any other kind of string that you want. Again, I used yarn leftover from a previous project)
Sewing Machine

Here’s my fabrics that I chose to use. We decided to go with a red and white color scheme for the shower, so I found some lovely leftover lace and fun red polka dot fabric. I then cut roughly 10 identical triangles out of each fabric, so I had a total of 20 triangles.

Next, I ironed the top of the triangle down about 1/4 inch.

I then clipped off all those little extra edges off the 1/4 inch of fabric that was folded over so that all the edges laid flush together.

I laid out 10 of my triangles next to one another and measured the amount of yarn I would need for them, then measured 2x that amount, plus about a foot extra on each end for hanging purposes.

Now this is the fun part. Once all the cutting, ironing, and measuring is finished, you can sit down at your sewing machine and zip through this. You’re almost done! I started about a foot in from the end of my string and just folded the 1/4 inch flap on each triangle over the yarn and sewed in shut. As I came to the end of my first triangle, I took a triangle of the other color and placed it next to the last one on the string and just kept on sewing. And then I did it again and again and again and again and again.

After trimming the thread ends, it was done! And here is the final product, hanging up at the party around the gift table.

Now isn’t that nice? Fun and crafty party decorations, and the best part is, it’s made with stuff you already have laying around your house (if you’re a crafter like me) or it’s stuff that you can get for almost no money. And the second best part is that it’s easy. And the third best part is that you’ll love it. Seriously, this project is a win win win, keep on winning for all eternity because it’s basically endlessly customizable. So get creative, and happy crafting!!

Love, Charlene


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