That Season.

Yes. It is that season. The time of year that gets swallowed up by visiting family and friends, by parties and social gatherings, and even by quiet evenings spent snuggled under a warm blanket sipping cocoa and playing Angry Birds. Er, I mean, reading a good book.

However you choose to spend this time, I hope that it has been warming and blessed, and that each one of us, myself included, takes a moment to think about the small things that they have to be thankful for. Like heat, like snow shovels, like smart phones, or any phones at all, like books, like people you love. I know it’s mushy gushy, I know it’s all been said before, but a person never really can be too thankful for what they’ve been given.

There are a lot of people in the world who, while they may be thankful for all of the above and more, are missing out on loving one very important gift, the gift of Christ, the Messiah, who came as a baby and suffered and died as a criminal. I have very close friends out there in the world right now, preaching that news to those who need it. Someday, I will join them on the field, but for now I am here doing what I can. I have been reminded this season of the true reason for my craft, which is to use it to bring God a little bit closer each and every day.

So to begin the new year, since the office was closed and I had a day off, I used my time to create a journal from an old Reader’s Digest book. Journals may be practical, they may be in demand and sellable, they may be just plain cool, but there’s a deeper reason behind the re-purposing of old books. It is the act of taking something old, unwanted, and maybe not even very nice, and transforming it into something beautiful and useful, and ultimately, clean, white, and blank, with which we can record something new. I make journals because that is what my God did to me, what He will someday do for every man, woman, and child.

So Happy New Year Everyone, and may it always be better than the year before.



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