Staying Organized

I’m quickly learning that in order to get everything done that I want to, I need to keep myself focused and organized. The way I do that is by setting goals for myself for each day. In the past what I’ve done has just been to write them down on whatever piece of scrap paper is available, which sometimes makes it difficult to find my goals again throughout the day.

I’ve been wanting to solve this problem by getting a chalk board or a white board to use to write my goals on each day, but since the finding of this piece never made it onto my daily list, it never happened. That is until this Sunday when we got to church and we saw the announcement that, due to the remodeling of the basement, the church was giving away all sorts of chalkboards, cork boards, kids chairs, and more. How I wish I could have taken all those adorable old Sunday School chairs with me, but alas, I practiced self control and only took what I needed, which was this fabulous chalk board that my husband so graciously helped me to hang before he left for work today. Isn’t it wonderful?



So now you can see my goals, and since I’m posting this I can cross off one item! I’m off to a productive day today!

What are some things that help you stay organized?


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