New Journals

As promised from last week here are images of my newest journals for sale, plus a bonus at the end of the post! (You can have any of these journals, just click any image to go straight to its shop page!)

First up is Daily Strengths, the book I was working on in this post. DS1

Next is Horace, a special book because it includes a few pages from the original text bound right in with the blank pages.H1

Then we have Youth, a book that was actually bound with three different types of paper, for those who like a little bit of variety in their life.Y1

So those are the newest books, and again, they can be yours if you come on over to my etsy shop!

And now for the surprise, here is a prototype I’m working on, they’re like a bouquet of flowers that never die and can go with any decor (because I can literally make them in any color). I’m not sure what to call them yet though, what do you think I should call them? blog-pic


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