Have you ever had one of those days when you just didn’t know what to say? I mean, basically, everything has been said already, it’s just a matter of combining what’s already been said in a different way in order to make it “new” again. But I’m not here to discuss the philosophical today. I’m here to share some of the inspirations that I’ve found lately. Mostly via Pinterest. And this post is going to be mostly images. Because today is just one of those days.

courtney heimerl quilts
Gorgeous quilt via Cortney Heimerl

DIY baby shoes
Absolutely adorable baby shoes via

Crochet Diana Dreamer Purse (Size 6.5 inch)
What a fun purse via meemanan

This Valle Jacket via Anthropologie

In The Woodland Large Mug
This super fun woodsy mug via JuliaDavey

Plaid Navy Blue Scarf, Infinity Scarf, Men's scarf, Loop scarf
And finally, this perfect-for-him scarf via Oyetascarf

Happy Tuesday everyone!

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