Behold the beauty

I have decided something. It is officially too beautiful outside not to spend every spare moment I can basking in the sun. I mean, heat and all, I can’t get enough of being outside. Yesterday I had sweat pouring down my face as I bent over finding little hidden ruby red strawberry gems underneath their canopy of protective leaves and I loved every minute of it. I just kept thinking, even though it’s hotter than I’m comfortable with right now, I am just so glad that it is no longer winter.

So, instead of sitting inside our little city apartment with the air conditioner whirring and whatever is playing on HGTV as a backdrop to my typing, I decided to walk over to our local cafe and really enjoy the sun as I continue to profusely extol my love for everything that has to do with the beginning of summertime.

My main purpose for blogging today was to talk about my recent trip to Longwood Gardens, such a lovely piece of history located not so very far from where we live. It was a wonderfully sunny day to explore the grounds and I almost felt as if I’d stepped back in time to a greener era. I absolutely loved everything that we saw, it was just a beautiful oasis of greens and flowers and fountains. Walking through the original owner’s house I also got to see some gorgeous books, many on gardening, that I would have loved to be able to get my hands on. Although, once I had them I’m not sure I’d have the heart to recycle them, I’d have too much fun looking through and gleaning information from their ripe pages.

I could talk on and on really, but a better way to impress the beauty would just be to show you a few of my photos from the excursion. Which is what I plan to do. Here are some little inspirations for my art straight, from Mother Nature herself (with a little help and encouragement from humans).

Baby trees botanical drawing greens yellow flowers leaves pink flowers  lace aloe greenhouse fountains

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