My mustard yellow impulse buy

We have never had enough dishcloths around the apartment. It hasn’t been a huge issue, rather something that’s been nagging at the back of my thoughts ever since we moved in. I figured next time I’m at Target I’d just pick up some extra dishcloths, but the problem is I never remembered. So the other week I went out to buy some yarn for a light cardigan I wanted to start knitting (yes, in preparation for fall. Or maybe the next fall considering how long it takes me to finish knitting a garment for myself) and I saw this mustard yellow cotton yarn sitting on the shelf, calling out to me. There was even a dishcloth pattern right on the label. So I picked it up. I managed to restrain myself from getting one skein in every color, (there was also coral and a light teal…I mean, come on. Swoon!) but then I brought it home and started working on the cardigan and nearly forgot about the dishcloth.


That is until today. I picked it up and just a little while later I was sitting pretty with a fun new sunny yellow dishcloth to brighten up my kitchen. And who knows, maybe it will even make doing the dishes more enjoyable. Doubtful, but a girl can hope.


This dishcloth crocheted, using a single crochet chain 1 pattern. It was super fast, super easy, and the finished product will be super useful. Win win win, my favorite kind of crochet projects.

3 4

I like it so much, I’m definitely going back for the other colors someday soon!


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