Welcome to The Fledgling Song! A “fledgling” is a bird who has fledged, or left the nest, it may or may not be able to fly. This fledgling then, is a risk taker in a sense. It has left the life it lived before and has begun a new adventure on its own. Because this is such a beautiful analogy to our own life walks, I have chosen this as the name for my collection here. The fledgling’s song is one of hope, one that declares that life is worth living. It is like a triumphant horn melody in the midst of a dreary wood, a proclamation of dreams still unrealized. It is my goal that my collection is inspired by nature and each item is meant to recall these feelings of hope and the future adventure.

This blog is all about helping me to navigate my way through the handmade marketplace. It is a place for me to record my inspirations, my latest projects, my goals, and much more. I post on a weekly basis, so please come back each week to hear from me how things are going!


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