Fingerless gloves & rings of all kinds!

Purple Fingerless Gloves: Even though they have a slightly bulbous shapes when they’re sitting by themselves, these nice little fingerless gloves fit perfectly to you hand to keep the slight lingering chill of winter at bay. Wear them outdoors while you take a walk in the brisk early spring air or wear them at your desk as you type up something on your computer. The soft texture will feel delightful to your touch as these gloves manage to keep your hands warm while keeping your fingers free! Made Mirasol yarn, 80% Baby Alpaca & 20% Bamboo

Black Fabric Button Ring: There’s not much to say about this ring, it is what it is, a black fabric button on a ring band, but that doesn’t make it any less special. The simplicity of this is the beauty of it. The band is adjustable, so one size will fit everyone. The button is 3/4″ in diameter.

Round Wood Ring: Add a touch of nature to your collection with this nice simple ring. I found this little round piece of wood while digging for buttons at the local thrift store, and I immediately snatched it up, knowing I had to make it into something wonderful! Made with an adjustable band.

Round blue post earrings: Simple, yet bold, these earrings are that splash of bright color to brighten up an outfit. The diameter of each earring is one half inch.

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