DIY Crochet Leaf Banner

Another fall DIY for you guys! I seem to be on a leaf kick, but I’m OK with that! I found this website with an adorable tutorial for making little crochet maple leaves and I just envisioned them all strung up together in a banner, so I pulled out my leftover fall colored yarns and started making some leaves.

DIY Crochet Leaf Banner

I weaved in the starting end of my yarn, but the finishing end I strung out through the leaf stem and used that to tie my individual leaves together to make a string. I wanted to make a banner to hang on our front door, so I made just 5 leaves, but you can go on and keep crocheting leaves to hearts content!

DIY Crochet Leaf Banner

This is a simple easy, and quick way to not only dress up your house for fall, but also to use up some of those random scraps of yarn you might have lying around! I might try some snowflakes once the season turns and then some fun flowers in various colors for spring and fall, I’ll just have to find some good patterns!


A New Project

I’m so sorry I missed my post last week! My schedule got all changed around at my job due to meetings I had to attend, so instead of having Tuesday off I had Friday off, and since Friday was Husband’s last day working at the old folks home, he invited me along to get ice cream with the residents in the afternoon. On top of that I decided to make him an extra special “congratulations you’re moving on to newer and better things” meal which took a good part of the day as well. All in all, it was a busy, but good week for us. Husband is now in school again  and he will be for the next 5 weeks. He is earning his CDL so he can start a new career in truck driving, so there’s a bit of transition going on around here.

I’ve also been in transition with my ideas of what I can do with my repurposed books. I love making journals, but I think there’s more I can do with these, especially the Reader’s Digest books, and I still have that big box full of books waiting to be touched that I got for free a couple months back. So anyway, I’m in the middle of an idea, and the first step is creating these cute little crochet animals. This one is going to be a fox, he just needs ears, eyes, a nose and his tail.

I’m really excited about this project guys, but I don’t want to say all the details quite yet. I’m hoping I can get the prototype finished here pretty soon though, so keep checking back!

Some other things I am excited about: We got this little yellow rosebush from Husband’s aunt on Sunday, here’s to hoping we can keep it alive inside this winter! For now it’s giving us these sunny happy flowers!




Yeah, that tiny nodule on top is going to be a new leaf. Hopefully. This little guy hasn’t changed at all since we got him way back in April or May, and I’ve been a little nervous that one day we were just going to wake up and it would be dead. But now that I see new growth, I think I feel a little bit better about it’s ability to survive. As a bonus, the pot it’s in is the flower pot Husband painted when I made my yarn bowl. I told you it would pop up eventually! 🙂



My mustard yellow impulse buy

We have never had enough dishcloths around the apartment. It hasn’t been a huge issue, rather something that’s been nagging at the back of my thoughts ever since we moved in. I figured next time I’m at Target I’d just pick up some extra dishcloths, but the problem is I never remembered. So the other week I went out to buy some yarn for a light cardigan I wanted to start knitting (yes, in preparation for fall. Or maybe the next fall considering how long it takes me to finish knitting a garment for myself) and I saw this mustard yellow cotton yarn sitting on the shelf, calling out to me. There was even a dishcloth pattern right on the label. So I picked it up. I managed to restrain myself from getting one skein in every color, (there was also coral and a light teal…I mean, come on. Swoon!) but then I brought it home and started working on the cardigan and nearly forgot about the dishcloth.


That is until today. I picked it up and just a little while later I was sitting pretty with a fun new sunny yellow dishcloth to brighten up my kitchen. And who knows, maybe it will even make doing the dishes more enjoyable. Doubtful, but a girl can hope.


This dishcloth crocheted, using a single crochet chain 1 pattern. It was super fast, super easy, and the finished product will be super useful. Win win win, my favorite kind of crochet projects.

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I like it so much, I’m definitely going back for the other colors someday soon!