DIY Calligraphy Leaf Name Cards

The weather today was beyond beautiful. After spending countless days huddled up under blankets in our cold drafty apartment, going out today in a t-shirt was bliss. (Nothing against our apartment, I’m not complaining, but some new windows would really be heaven-sent this winter.) As I was walking I kicked through piles of colorful leaves on the sidewalks, enjoying the sunshine and the fact that my nose was, for once, not an ice cube!

So as I was walking down the sidewalk I remembered this image I pinned:

DIY Gilded Leaf Placecards. Perfect for adding a rustic touch with a glamorous twist to your wedding.

And so I picked out a few flat-ish, nicely shaped leaves. Having no gold marker on hand I thought about my options as to how I could still attempt this. I decided I could paint the leaf white, but as I was looking at my leaves I thought the colors were just too brilliant to paint over. So when I got home all I did was pull out one of my micron pens and wrote the name in a pretty calligraphic font! I think this is a great idea for lots of things, Thanksgiving Dinner being one, but also fall weddings or dinner parties!

Calligraphy Leaf Name Card

I’ve never had the nicest handwriting, so I practiced the name I wanted to write on paper before I tried it on the leaf, but the great thing about this time of year is, if you mess up on a leaf you can just go outside and grab another! Be careful when writing too, as the leaf is going to be a lot more fragile than a piece of paper would be.

Calligraphy Leaf Name Card

Imagine these name cards set on a table with a gorgeous rustic autumnal center piece, with all the warmest plentiful harvest type foods you can think of…now that’s a dinner party I’d want to be at! What do you think?


5 Easy DIY Halloween Costumes

Hey everyone! Based on how August and September have just flown right by, Halloween is going to be here before you know it, and that means costume parties. It’s always a challenge for me to think of a costume that meets my following criteria:

1. It must be flattering. When I say flattering, I’m thinking of the time I threw together a last minute costume of being “Swine Flu”. You know, when Swine Flu was a big thing. It consisted of a bathrobe, slippers, and a thermometer. I did a good job because I looked like a sick person, but I kind of felt like a frump all evening. The reality is, as girls we like to look good, especially when we know we’re going to a party and there are people and there are going to be photos of us and they are going to go up on the internet. But there’s more to costumes than just looking good, or we’d all just dress up like cats and there would be no problem. This leads to my second point, which is…

2. Relevant, intelligent, or humorous costumes. A killer costume will probably include all three, but I think you could pick and choose if you wanted. The Swine Flu costume hit relevance, maybe even some humor, but it missed on being comfortable and flattering, making it a not so good choice.

But fear not, I’ve pulled together some easy options that you can put together with things you already own, and if not it wouldn’t be hard to gather the required elements! So without any further ado:

5 Easy DIY Halloween Costume ideas

1. Hipster Disney Princess

This image was floating around Pinterest a while back:

This makes dressing up like a Disney Princess so much easier, no need for Bell’s fancy ball gown or fake fins to be Ariel. Each princess has their own “color scheme” so grab some of your own clothes, maybe buy one or two little things that make it more apparent who you’re dressing as (like Snow’s apple necklace or a stuffed chameleon to go with Rapunzel) and then add some hipster glasses and print out a sign to go with like these girls did!

Image taken from Google

And guys, you could pull this off too, try hipster Peter Pan!

Image taken from Google


2. Vanna White (& Pat Sajak if you want a costume for a couple)

Image taken from Google

Don one of your old prom/bridemaids dresses that you haven’t worn in ages and make a cardboard letter to carry around. If you want to bring Pat along too he just needs a suit and tie and he could carry around a cardboard wheel marked up like the Wheel of Fortune wheel.

3. French Kiss

Image taken from Buzzfeed

Here’s a punny costume, and good for a group of people, all you need is some striped shirts, scarves, berets, baguettes and wine glasses and a pretty intense make-up job.

4. Grumpy Cat

Image taken from Google

Don’t just be another black cat this year. Let’s face it, cats have been a little overdone at Halloween, but here’s a better twist on the old stand-by. All you really need is white and/or brown clothes and some makeup on your face. You could even print out a sign that says something like “NO” or “YOUR COSTUME, I HATE IT” to go with it.

5. Medusa


Image taken from Buzzfeed

This costume doesn’t have the humor factor as much as some of the others, but it does show your intelligence as you dig back into Greek mythology for this glamorous get-up. Some plastic snakes woven into a braided up-do and a Greek inspired dress are all you really need. If you don’t have a suitable dress, try just DIY-ing a toga-like outfit from a bedsheet and some rope!

How to tie a chiton (toga) for the ladies!  Hitting up the fabric store for this one.

Image taken from Pinterest


Bonus: Chia Pet

How to Make a Chia Pet Halloween Costume for Your Dog

And finally, here’s a bonus for your pet, because it’s just too awesome! (Could be fun for a person too it you made it into a wig!)


The parties will be starting up in roughly a month, hopefully these ideas help you not to stress out about what you’re going to wear. Let me know your thoughts and have fun as you get DIY-ing!


Free “You Rocket” Card Printable

Oh hi everyone! Today I’ve got a fun printable for you, fo’ free! In honor of the Perseid Meteor Shower that’s happening right now (thanks for the info Google!) I made an outer space themed card with an illustration I found in a cool old environment textbook.

Free "You Rocket" printable card

You can download the file if you click here. This is for a standard piece of 8.5″ x 11″ card stock or paper. Once you download the file you can print 2 cards per piece, just make sure to take off the “shrink to the size of page” option and then you can just cut down the dotted line and fold the cards in half!

I’m sure you’ve got someone in your life to encourage, so get writing, and have fun!


DIY Circle Scarf

DIY main
It’s time for another DIY today! I woke up and made my way over to Salvation Army in search of a good DIY project to share today, and I found it alright. The idea for it came from a dress I bought at Salvation Army last year. It’s a long dress, but it falls just above my ankles, cutting off at a very odd and less-than-flattering spot. I’ve been wanting to shorten the dress, it’s a cute floral pattern that would look really great ending just above my knees, but I haven’t gotten around to it yet. Anyway, while thinking about cutting so much off of this dress I was debating what I could do with the extra fabric, one day I realized that it would look really great as a scarf! So today at Salvation Army I found a skirt that I thought was pretty and tried it on. Alas, it must have been a size 000 or something, I couldn’t even get the thing past my hips, even with an elastic waist. At first I was sad, then I realized the skirt had the same potential as my awkward-length maxi dress! So I put it back on the hanger and marched it over to the checkout. Here it is, my $2.99 soon-to-be-scarf skirt.


So the first thing I did was wash it when I got home. I know Salvation Army clothes get washed before they go on the racks, but I just wanted to make sure it was really clean before I put that fabric anywhere near my face!

Second thing was to pull out the waist seam to figure out how much fabric I actually had to deal with. I wasn’t sure how much the pleats at the top were hiding. Turns out it was a pretty good amount!


I then had to pull out another side seam because the skirt wasn’t quite as wide at the top as it was at the bottom. When that was done I laid it out and folded it in half with right sides together.


At this point the scarf was roughly 52″ x13″. Not quite as long as I would have liked, but it works. I also cut those non-square edges off the fabric that you can see in the previous image so that I had a rectangle instead of a trapezoid shape.

I then pinned the long sides together and sewed them up.




I then had a long tube, and I flipped it right side out and folded it in half. I matched the two ends of the long seam I had just sewn together and taking just those two layers of fabric I began sewing them together. Here’s a photo and a diagram to show what I mean.



Once I had sewn all the way around save for a few inches I took my scarf off the sewing machine. At this point all that was left to do was to hand sew the last few inches, and then I was finished!



Just another ripped jeans story

After discovering a hole in my favorite pair of jeans, I was quite dismayed. The number of times I’ve had to throw in the towel on a pair of jeans has been, well, a lot. It makes me want to just be done with the whole thing. Wearing jeans, I mean. First there’s the ordeal of finding a pair that even fits. Then there’s the whole price-tag shock when you realize you have to pay double for this single item of clothing than what you had wanted to in the first place. But then you tell yourself, “That’s OK, I’m making an investment, these jeans are going to last me a while.” and you take the glorified denim up to the check-out counter. Then you experience somewhere around a year or so of blissfully comfortable days in your nice new jeans. They make you feel casual and cool, they go with you almost everywhere.

But then. They slowly begin to decline. You notice a few spots wearing thin and you realize you only have a short time left. You wear them less often, pulling them out only for special occasions, trying desperately to prolong their life and dreading the day when you’ll have to venture back out to the mall to find a new pair of jeans. No matter how tenderly you care for your precious jeans though, the day finally comes when the threads begin to gently pull apart and leave you with a gaping hole that will only grow with time. Sure, you can patch them, but eventually you have to say good-bye.

That’s how it will be with this pair. I’ll try a patch but I’m not even sure that will work. I can’t give up wearing jeans indefinitely, but I’m thinking if I had more skirts and dresses, I might wear jeans less often, therefore making the “investment” they are a little more worthwhile. So I’ve been looking at some patterns. I’ve been meaning to take on a clothing sewing project, and now I have the encouragement I need to take the trip out to the fabric store and buy a pattern.

This is the dress style that I’m currently crushing on:

I’m thinking if I can find a nice floral fabric I could try to replicate the look with one of these two patterns:Screen Shot 2014-05-06 at 8.50.03 PMScreen Shot 2014-05-06 at 8.51.59 PM








I’ll let you know how it goes!


Flower Fever

Spring is in the air here in Pennsylvania. It’s not the first time you’ve heard it, and I’m sure it won’t be the last but I cannot even express how very very very glad I am that the Arctic freeze has finally come to an end! The sunshine and the 70 degree weather has inspired me to take up gardening…the city way. Since we don’t really have a yard at all, the Mr. and I have spent our time collecting flower pots and planting things in them. We now have everything from a lemon tree to Jade to Geraniums growing inside and outside our house. Next week maybe I’ll post some photos for you to see our humble little set-up.

For now though, since most of the flowers aren’t even close to blooming yet, I’ll leave you with an image from this DIY that I’m dying to try. Just a little something to brighten up the house until the real flowers start to come out!



DIY Fabric Triangle Banner

Hey everyone! I’ve never made a tutorial before. I think doing things you’ve never done before are essential to life. How else will you experience anything? So here it is, a very simple project, in fact, maybe it’s sort of a “duh anyone could do THAT” kind of project. But I guess that’s a good place to start. So without further ado…the DIY Fabric Triangle Banner!

So, these lovely (and EASY!) banners are great for any special occasion. I made these specifically for a friend’s bridal shower, but they’re so versatile that I saved them to pull out later. Maybe I’ll even just hang one on my wall for fun. I mean, they are pretty fun, who doesn’t love triangles? They seem to be pretty hip right now, anyway. So now, let’s get started.


Fabric (I used scraps from old projects)
Fabric Scissors
Yarn (or twine or any other kind of string that you want. Again, I used yarn leftover from a previous project)
Sewing Machine

Here’s my fabrics that I chose to use. We decided to go with a red and white color scheme for the shower, so I found some lovely leftover lace and fun red polka dot fabric. I then cut roughly 10 identical triangles out of each fabric, so I had a total of 20 triangles.

Next, I ironed the top of the triangle down about 1/4 inch.

I then clipped off all those little extra edges off the 1/4 inch of fabric that was folded over so that all the edges laid flush together.

I laid out 10 of my triangles next to one another and measured the amount of yarn I would need for them, then measured 2x that amount, plus about a foot extra on each end for hanging purposes.

Now this is the fun part. Once all the cutting, ironing, and measuring is finished, you can sit down at your sewing machine and zip through this. You’re almost done! I started about a foot in from the end of my string and just folded the 1/4 inch flap on each triangle over the yarn and sewed in shut. As I came to the end of my first triangle, I took a triangle of the other color and placed it next to the last one on the string and just kept on sewing. And then I did it again and again and again and again and again.

After trimming the thread ends, it was done! And here is the final product, hanging up at the party around the gift table.

Now isn’t that nice? Fun and crafty party decorations, and the best part is, it’s made with stuff you already have laying around your house (if you’re a crafter like me) or it’s stuff that you can get for almost no money. And the second best part is that it’s easy. And the third best part is that you’ll love it. Seriously, this project is a win win win, keep on winning for all eternity because it’s basically endlessly customizable. So get creative, and happy crafting!!

Love, Charlene