DIY Calligraphy Leaf Name Cards

The weather today was beyond beautiful. After spending countless days huddled up under blankets in our cold drafty apartment, going out today in a t-shirt was bliss. (Nothing against our apartment, I’m not complaining, but some new windows would really be heaven-sent this winter.) As I was walking I kicked through piles of colorful leaves on the sidewalks, enjoying the sunshine and the fact that my nose was, for once, not an ice cube!

So as I was walking down the sidewalk I remembered this image I pinned:

DIY Gilded Leaf Placecards. Perfect for adding a rustic touch with a glamorous twist to your wedding.

And so I picked out a few flat-ish, nicely shaped leaves. Having no gold marker on hand I thought about my options as to how I could still attempt this. I decided I could paint the leaf white, but as I was looking at my leaves I thought the colors were just too brilliant to paint over. So when I got home all I did was pull out one of my micron pens and wrote the name in a pretty calligraphic font! I think this is a great idea for lots of things, Thanksgiving Dinner being one, but also fall weddings or dinner parties!

Calligraphy Leaf Name Card

I’ve never had the nicest handwriting, so I practiced the name I wanted to write on paper before I tried it on the leaf, but the great thing about this time of year is, if you mess up on a leaf you can just go outside and grab another! Be careful when writing too, as the leaf is going to be a lot more fragile than a piece of paper would be.

Calligraphy Leaf Name Card

Imagine these name cards set on a table with a gorgeous rustic autumnal center piece, with all the warmest plentiful harvest type foods you can think of…now that’s a dinner party I’d want to be at! What do you think?


Thankful Days

Just a quick update from me today. I hope all my readers from the U.S. had wonderful Thanksgivings full of family, friends, and (of course) food! As for everyone else, Thursday was probably just another normal day for you, but I hope it too was full of family friends and food!

The only thing I didn’t like about this Thanksgiving was Black Friday. Not because I hate deals, but because I work retail. Thankfully, the bookstore is a small business in a small mall, so it wasn’t so bad, I only worked 5 hours and those hours were not in the wee hours of the morning. And something happened that made the whole day worthwhile. I sold my first journal! Good-bye Bobbsey Twins Adventure in the Country, I hope your new owner treats you well!

All in all, it has been a wonderful holiday! Hope everyone has a great weekend!